Megacoin (MEC) Crypto Currency

Megacoin Crypto Currency

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Genesis Block Created Saturday, June 01, 2013 09:34:59 GMT
Icon Megacoin (MEC) Crypto Currency
Name Megacoin
Symbol / Tag MEC
Github / Source Code Github
Forum Megacoin Forum
Client Version v0.8.996.0MEGA-beta
Get Info RPC
Version: 179600
Protocol Version: 70001
Wallet Version: 60000
Status Healthy
Connections 8
Hash Algorithm Scrypt
Proof-of-Work Scheme Proof-of-Work
Coins to be Issued 42,000,000
Block Time 2.50 minute(s)
Block Reward 25.00 coins
Difficulty Retarget 9 blocks

Mining Information

Mining Summary

P2P Port RPC Port Blocks Network Hashrate Current Difficulty 14 Day Difficulty Chart
Difficulty Fluctuation:
7951 7950 187,783 1.02 GH/s 29.9945 18.04343439,19.03360644,19.98545356,19.39642367,18.74642575,17.73867798,17.85533607,18.05592107,18.14836558,22.57720565,29.69490101,34.61400816,28.74765845,28.09934806

Difficulty Chart

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Network Hashrate Chart

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Exchange Information

Exchange Rates

Current Exchange Rate 14 Day Exchange Rate Chart
Exchange Rate Stability
Exchange Volume
0.00024722 (Cryptsy) 0.00014315,0.00014905,0.00015082,0.00015323,0.00015304,0.00014561,0.00015110,0.00015315,0.00014952,0.00016998,0.00024368,0.00028982,0.00024459,0.00023838
11.51369141 BTC
48299.46361523 MEC
0.00024100 (Bter) 0.00012147,0.00014224,0.00012642,0.00012253,0.00013549,0.00012354,0.00013898,0.00012624,0.00012732,0.00016384,0.00021550,0.00023261,0.00022291,0.00023730
1.06615624 BTC
4492.87500000 MEC
0.00010000 (CoinEx) 0.00010031,0.00010041,0.00010031,0,0,0,0,0.00010012,0.00010073,0.00010056,0.00010021,0.00010000,0.00010001,0.00010000
0.00008151 BTC
0.81505925 MEC

Exchange Rate Chart

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