Vertcoin (VTC) Crypto Currency

Vertcoin Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency Summary

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Genesis Block Created Friday, January 10, 2014 03:16:06 GMT
Icon Vertcoin (VTC) Crypto Currency
Name Vertcoin
Symbol / Tag VTC
Github / Source Code Github
Forum Bitcointalk
Client Version v0.8.7.3-g9288c29-beta
Get Info RPC
Version: 80703
Protocol Version: 70002
Wallet Version: 60000
Status Healthy
Connections 8
Hash Algorithm Scrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor
Proof-of-Work Scheme Proof-of-Work
Coins to be Issued 84,000,000
Block Time 2.50 minute(s)
Block Reward 50.00 coins
Difficulty Retarget 1 blocks

Mining Information

Mining Summary

P2P Port RPC Port Blocks Network Hashrate Current Difficulty 14 Day Difficulty Chart
Difficulty Fluctuation:
5889 5888 178,582 2.28 GH/s 69.3317 68.99083711,70.78481424,72.50138715,71.58337953,69.45109604,66.18041633,64.06456512,65.09421575,66.57754684,65.34038905,65.78670583,65.97235379,66.47761994,67.77883029

Difficulty Chart

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Network Hashrate Chart

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Exchange Information

Exchange Rates

Current Exchange Rate 14 Day Exchange Rate Chart
Exchange Rate Stability
Exchange Volume
0.00018981 (Cryptsy) 0.00013811,0.00014793,0.00016418,0.00016816,0.00016960,0.00015534,0.00016702,0.00017341,0,0.00019401,0.00019250,0.00019237,0.00019236,0.00019307
5.51742441 BTC
28577.62956431 VTC
0.00018451 (Bter) 0.00012299,0.00013341,0.00015321,0.00015219,0.00016338,0.00014392,0.00015527,0.00016453,0.00017810,0.00018042,0.00018528,0.00018128,0.00018492,0.00018758
0.90502263 BTC
4824.70400000 VTC
0.00015561 (Poloniex) 0.00012620,0.00013492,0.00015430,0.00016288,0.00016305,0.00014300,0.00014835,0.00015264,0.00015360,0.00015160,0.00015134,0.00015789,0.00015731,0.00015514
0.16757571 BTC
1080.14456314 VTC

Exchange Rate Chart

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