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Cryptocurrency Candidates

We are always looking to find and add the next most profitable cryptocurrency, however trying to track all the new cryptocurrencies released is a very difficult challenge. That said, please use this page to let us know about a cryptocurrency and provide your community vote for the cryptocurrency candidates listed.

Use the "Submit a Cryptocurrency for Consideration" button to let us know about a new cryptocurrency.

Community Votes

Take a moment and cast your community vote for your favorite cryptocurrencies. Each user is limited to 1 (one) free community vote every hour per crypto currency.

We have also decided to offer an option to accept paid community votes. This will help us cover the growing server costs associated with hosting each cryptocurrency client. Each 0.0005 BTC received will count for 1 community vote. Paid community votes will be credited after 3 confirmations.

We will announce which cryptocurrency candidate will be added to CoinWarz on our Twitter page.
Candidate rank does not guarantee that a cryptocurrency will be added to CoinWarz.

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