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EtHash ASIC Ethereum Mining Hardware

Latest Ethereum mining hardware list for ETH mining in 2021. Start mining Ethereum with the best and most profitable Ethereum mining machine.

Best Ethereum Mining Hardware List

Choose a Ethereum miner from the top mining machine manufacturers as shown in the ETH mining hardware list. Comparison of Ethereum mining machine specifications and costs are highly recommended, including price, hashrate, and power consumption. Click the "Calculate Profitability" button see the daily Ethereum mining machine profit.

A10 Pro+ 7GB ETH Miner
$19,999.00 MSRP
A10 Pro+ 7GB ETH Miner
750.00 MH/s EtHash
1,350 Watts
1.80 J/MH/s
26.67 $/MH/s
A10 Pro+ 6GB ETH Miner
$17,999.00 MSRP
A10 Pro+ 6GB ETH Miner
720.00 MH/s EtHash
1,300 Watts
1.81 J/MH/s
25.00 $/MH/s
A10 Pro ETH Miner
$3,000.00 MSRP
A10 Pro ETH Miner
500.00 MH/s EtHash
950 Watts
1.90 J/MH/s
6.00 $/MH/s
Antminer E3
$2,499.00 MSRP
Antminer E3
190.00 MH/s EtHash
760 Watts
4.00 J/MH/s
13.15 $/MH/s

Use our Ethereum mining hardware calculator and popular Ethereum miners from the list to compare mining rewards as well as Ethereum mining machine profit and earnings in 2021.

Ethereum mining hardware equipment is one of the primary requirements for a profitable Ethereum mining setup. However, ensure to take note of the power consumption listed in watts. Most newer model ASIC Ethereum mining machines require at least a 220-volt 20-amp electricity circuit. Also, ETH miners can be very loud with noise levels above 70 dB.

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